Image How to eradicate hunger in the world?
How to eradicate hunger in the world?

It is sad to think that in this era, hunger has become a big concern in many parts of the world. It is estimated that to crack down on the world hunger crisis, about 30 billion dollars is needed every year. Among the poorest countries in the world, many countries in Africa and in Asia can be cited, including Liberia, Burundi, and Central African Republic.

Despite the efforts made by their international partners, the problem has remained irreversible. How to put an end to world hunger? This report has more on this subject.

Food donations

Some countries are disadvantaged because of their geographical location. Beside this, world hunger is due to unfavorable climate in many regions. It is common knowledge that recurrent drought or flooding impedes good harvest. As a result, self-sustainability cannot be guaranteed. Food donations from donor countries are essential to reduce hunger in the world, even though it is not a long-lasting solution.

In fact, the annual report issued by the World Food Program (WFP) ascertains that around 90 million people who are from in 83 countries rely on food aid programs. Thanks to the humanitarian aid from the organization, many lives are saved each year.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is among the humanitarian organizations which distribute food aid and other basic resources to meet the needs of poverty-stricken people. Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace, who is renowned for his teachings about promoting global peace.

Boosting farming

About 70 percent of the population in poverty-stricken countries lives on farming. However, the use of traditional farming methods and equipment lower the harvest. In some fertile soil, poor irrigation system reduces the quality of the crops. Apart from that, agriculture is devastated by migratory locusts especially a little before the harvest season.

This implies that it is vital that farming be developed to improve the harvest. With the use of adequate fertilizers, innovative technology and efficient irrigation systems, it is possible to stimulate food independence and reduce hunger in the world.

Empowering women

Another reason for the increasing rate of world hunger is due to tradition. For example, men are the only breadwinners, and family planning is shunned. Women have to stay home to be the caretakers of the family. As a result, it is challenging to feed the numerous children. Besides, education is neglected.

To put an end to world hunger, it is crucial to empower women to have access to birth control and education. In addition, if both parents work, many families can have a better financial situation and have access to nutrition.

Job creation

Government intervention is necessary especially to create job opportunities for the population. Another reason for hunger is underemployment. Quite often, when citizens fail to find jobs which enable them to put their acquired skills and qualifications into practice, they remain idle. The reason is they often wait for opportunities to apply for a position which matches their degrees and skills. Unfortunately, they often end up being underemployed, with a poorly paying job.

To eradicate hunger in the world, it is essential that the government intervenes and create jobs in all fields. Job creation helps reduce unemployment in many fields. By reducing youth unemployment, it will be eventually possible to eradicate hunger in the world.

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