Image ShareTheMeal, the app to fight against hunger

ShareTheMeal, the app to fight against hunger

ShareTheMeal, the app to fight against hunger

Violence in the world is caused by many factors. When the agriculture is failing, a village may be tempted to attack another in order to rob it from their subsistence. Climate change has affected farming in many parts of the world. Extreme weather conditions have brought about floods, drought, deadly earthquakes, and disastrous typhoons. In general, natural disasters cause severe damages and losses.

That is the reason why humanitarian organizations like The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) were created, in order to bring support and give aid to the victims. This philanthropic organization was founded by a spiritual leader, a piece-education teacher and peace ambassador.

To bring our contribution to the fight against hunger, and phone application was created, which is known as the Share TheMeal app. Keep reading the article and find out its highlights.

Share TheMeal, the app to fight against hunger

Share TheMeal is the charity app; it was designed by the World Food Program in 2016. It ranked among the best app of the year, because of its functionality and its practicality. It is considered to be the "Most Innovative" in its kind. It was designed to induce the users into the fight against global hunger.

It is a UN World Food Program(WFP) application, and is programed to facilitate donations giving and the funding of a specific humanitarian organization when a natural disaster strikes a country.

How did Share TheMeal app start?

The application was designed and created by Bernhard Kowatsch and Sebastian Stricker in Berlin in April 2014. It was first used independently for the first year after it was launched. By the summer of 2015, it was officially adopted by the World Food Program (WPF) to sensitize people to donate and sponsor humanitarian acts through the application.

In the summer of 2015, the app had already made an outstanding impact. The pilot was run in Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland. The first target was to raise funds to sponsor poor children in Lesotho. Thanks to that effort, it was possible to subsidize 1.8 million school children with their meals in that country.

Share TheMeal app to end starvation

On November 12, 2015, the app became available for iOS and Android devices. Many users contributed largely and enthusiastically to the plights of hungry people and children in the world. Due to the global launching of the application, it was possible to raise funds over a short period of time to sponsor hungry children.

For one year 20,000 Syrian refugee children, who were living in the Zaatari camp, Jordan, could have their daily bread and survive thanks to the massive launch of the app. The campaign for food sharing and fund raising was completed in just 8 weeks.

In 2016, Share TheMeal was used to call goodwill donors and individuals to raise funds to sustain 2,000 mothers with their children in Homs, Syria. The campaign was launched for a year. Towards the end of 2016, 1,400 Syrian refugee children 3-4 years old in Beirut could be supported.

Join in the effort to fight global hunger

Peace is possible, as Prem Rawat says in his message of peace. To ensure the survival of millions of deprived people in the world, download the app in your smart phone. Then, install it; if the installation is successful, start bringing your share and donate to save the hungry children.

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